PG-13 Rating Parents Guide

This movie was rated PG-13 by the MPAA "for some thematic material including violence." More specifically, it contains:

• No foul language
• No nudity of any kind
• No immorality or temptation scenes
• Two action scenes (storms on land and sea)
• One relatively mild beat-up scene

The beat-up scene is an adaptation of chapter 20 on pages 107 to 111 of Elder Groberg's book, Fire of Faith, which details dozens of severe beatings endured by a young man for listening to the missionaries and getting baptized. The many severe beatings detailed in the book have been reduced to a single beating scene in the movie. The beating results in a bruised face and bloody nose administered by a drunk uncle on his missionary nephew. There is no other objectionable content in the movie whatsoever -- no foul language, no nudity of any kind, and no temptation scenes or scenes of immorality.