"A heartfelt film that wins you over!"

  • Leonard Maltin

“As close to movie heaven as we have ever been”

  • Meridian Magazine (2002)

“A welcome departure from the not-so-heavenly fare that comes from Hollywood.”

  • Washington Times (2002)

“A kinder, gentler message that's particularly soothing in these turbulent times”

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal (2002)

“A sweet coming-of-age tale”

  • Associated Press (2002)

“An undeniably uplifting story, made all the more inspirational by the fact that it's true”

  • Box Office Magazine (2002)

“A refreshingly different stance on missionaries (they're not all out to wreck indigenous cultures) and natives (they're not all savages) than Hollywood has in the past.”

  • Variety (2002)

“Rousing, family-friendly…big, epic look and state-of-the-art visual effects”

  • Variety (2002)

“I loved this movie, it has humor, love, adventure and real spirit.”

  • (2002)

“Touching cross-cultural scenes and cool typhoons”

  • Entertainment Weekly (2002)

“Solid entertainment with lots of laughs”

  • Arizona Daily Star (2002)


  • Boston Herald (2002)

“Handsome and sincere”

  • San Francisco Chronicle (2002)

“A fine specimen of clean-cut Mormon family entertainment”

  • L.A. Weekly

“Good-natured, clean-cut, and gratifying family entertainment”

  • Austin Chronicle (2002)

“Sincerity that money can’t buy”

  • Salt Lake Tribune

“An impressive step forward for Mormon cinema”

  • United Press International (2002)

“Absolutely outstanding all across the boards. Terrific directing, perfect casting, simply stunning cinematography, and most of all, a story that leaves you better than you were before you walked in the theater”

  • (Maori Fett) (2002)

“How rare this movie was; in a world where sex, immorality, violence, profanity and lack of respect for anything that's good and decent prevails, here was a movie that someone had wanted to make, that was worth watching.”

  • Edna Farrer, Deseret News (2002)

“A good deal to appreciate”

  • Richard Nilsen, The Arizona Republic (2002)


"I’m so excited to see the sequel!”

  • Melanie P.

“Holy Kolipoki! I can’t believe this is happening!”

  • Ben B.

“Can’t wait to see [the sequel]! Loved the 1st one. We watch it over and over!”

  • Joyce D.

“Im so excited for 'The Other Side of Heaven 2'. The first one was so good. Can’t wait!!”

  • Mari H.

“Loved this movie. I think about it regularly as it touched my heart so much”

  • Gayna C.

“Love the first movie and I can hardly wait for the next one!”

  • Felisa H.